Apply for the Sámi Duodji trademark

The application is sent digitally. We encourage you to use good photos because these will be visible on our website if the application is approved. If you need help with the application, contact us.

Sámis can apply for the Sámi Duodji trademark. A Sámi is someone who sees themself as Sámi and has Sámi as their home language, or who has a parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent who has had Sámi as their home language.

  • The products must be handicrafts it is allowed to use machines to help, but factory production or tools such as 3D printers are not allowed.
  • The products are made by one or more Sámi in collaboration.
  • Traditional materials will mainly be used, and the basis for the products is traditional duodji, traditional form, or traditional use. Read more in the example list.
  • After you have submitted your application online, you must bring/send three different and new duodji products to the license office to demonstrate your duodji knowledge. The duodji products must be made within the last three  years.
  • Additionally, the applicant must include a work description outlining the methods for various duodji products. Also, share details about your duodji background, where did you learn to make duodji, and who were your duodji teachers. Contact your license office to arrange the bringing/sending of duodji. 

Users of the certification mark must pay NOK 250 every other year for the license to use the trademark. The fee covers costs for follow-up of the certification mark, marketing of the trademark’s users, and follow-up of misuse of the trademark. Users of the certification trademark receive 150 product labels when the application is accepted; the product labels have the Sámi Duodji brand and your personal license number. After this, you can order more labels as needed. You also get access to a digital marketing package that you can use to market your business. In the marketing package, you will find material you can print and material you can use online and on product packaging. It is not allowed to change the Sámi Made trademark itself. Contact us if you need other material than what is in the package.

The licensing offices process applications at least twice a year. Some licensing offices process the applications more often.

The application period for spring 2024 ends in

  • Norway on February 15th
  • Finland on February 25th
  • Sweden on March 15th

Contact your licensing office or see their website for information on application processing. The licensing office may ask you to send additional information if necessary.

You have the right to appeal if your application is rejected. Complaints must be sent in writing within three weeks, and in the complaint, you must state what you think is wrong with the decision or application processing and send information that may be relevant to the processing of the complaint. The Saami Council has its own appeal body, and the decision on the appeal is final. The complaint is sent to


The licensing offices can offer you professional guidance within duodji. You can apply again if your application was rejected because you did not meet the requirements for the duodji products. If your application has been rejected due to missing information, you can send a new application with more details.

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