Sámi Made

The Sámi Made trademark tells the buyer that a product is made by a Sámi or a Sámi company. When you buy products with the Sámi Made trademark, you know you support Sámi businesses and Sámi society.

Which products can you put the Sámi Made trademark on?

The Sámi Made trademark can be used on all types of products, both physical and digital products. The trademark can be used on clothes, jewellery, lávvus, books, food products, cosmetics, souvenirs, etc. There are no requirements for the product other than that a Sámi or a Sámi company has made them or had them made (the design is owned by a Sámi).

Why do we need Sámi trademarks?

Products inspired by Sámi culture but not made by Sámis are a big challenge for the entire Sámi community. Many customers are interested in buying genuine Sámi products, but they do not have enough knowledge to distinguish products made by the Sámi from products that appropriate Sámi culture. With the help of Sámi trademarks, we Sámis tell you what are genuine Sámi products and give the customer tools to find them.

Benefits of the Sámi Made label

The Sámi Made brand will strengthen Sámi competitiveness in the world, protect Sámi culture, and ensure that we, Sámi ourselves, decide how our culture is commercialized. Users of the Sámi Made brand are visible on our websites and social media. Sámi businesses are often small and often work alone. You are part of a larger community when you have the Sámi Made trademark. We want to offer conferences and courses to our licensed users. October 20.-22., we will organize Duodjebeaivvit, a conference for duojárat and Sámi creative industries, in Arvidsjaur, Sweden.

Who manages and owns the Sámi Made trademark?

The Saami Council owns the Sámi Made trademark on behalf of the Sámi people. The Saami Council administers and distributes the Sámi Made trademark.

The Saami Council is a voluntary and independent Sámi cultural and political organization that functions as a cooperation body for Sámi organizations. Since our foundation in 1956, The Saami Council has worked actively with Sámi political issues.


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