Sámi Trademarks – Sámi certification marks for Sámi handicrafter and producers

The Sámi trademarks Sámi Duodji and Sámi Made guarantee that a product is made by a Sámi. When you use these trademarks or buy products with the trademarks, you are supporting the Sámi community.

Apply for a license

Products inspired by Sámi culture but not made by Sámis are a big challenge for the entire Sámi community. If you are a duojár and want to show that you are selling genuine duodji, you should apply for the Sámi Duodji trademark. If you are a Sámi or a Sámi company that wants to show that the products are made by a Sámi, you should apply for the Sámi Made trademark. It is possible to apply for both trademarks.