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Sámi Made

The Sámi Made certification mark is a new trademark developed to support Sámi creative industries. All Sámis can use the certification mark on their products. The purpose of the certification mark is to tell the buyer which products are made by Sámis or Sámi majority-owned companies. Products that draw inspiration from Sámi culture, but which are not made by Sámis, are a huge challenge for the Sámi society. When you buy products with the Sámi Made mark, you will know that you support Sámi businesses and the Sámi community.

The Sámi Made certification mark is managed and distributed by the Saami Council. It is now possible to apply for the Sámi Made certification mark. If you have questions about the Sámi Made trademark, get in touch with the Saami Council:


Telephone: +47 93408355

Apply for the Sámi Made certification mark

Applications for the certification must be sent in digitally via this form.

Read the criteria for the Sámi Made certification mark here.

Criteria for Sámi Made:

  1. Made by an individual Sámi, a collective of Sámi people, or a company majority owned by Sámi individuals
  2. Sámi is a person who considers themself Sámi and
    1. has Sámi as their domestic language, or
    2. has a parent, a grandparent or a parent of a grandparent who has had Sámi as their domestic language

For the Russian side of Sápmi the following definition of a Sámi person applies:

  1. You consider yourself a Sámi and substantiate that;
  2. You yourself, one of your parents or one of your grandparents are registered as a Sámi according to birth certificate or any other official document.

The criteria may be updated and modified from time to time by the owner of the Sámi Made certification mark – the Saami Council.


Product labels and license fee

Users of the certification mark must pay NOK 250 every other year for the license to use the mark. The fee covers costs for follow-up of the certification mark, marketing of the licensees and follow-up of misuse of the mark. When your application is accepted, you will receive 150 product labels; the product labels have the Sámi Made-mark and your personal license number. After this, you can order more labels as needed. You also get access to a digital marketing package that you can use to market your business.

LOOKING FOR SÁMI manufacturers?

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Profile pictureNameName of Company/Name of handicrafterCountryLink to Single Entry
Profile pictureJorunn LøkvoldSáve design Jorunn LøkvoldNorway+
Profile pictureLisa GoveGoveduodjiNorway+
Profile pictureAnders Isak GaupAnte Issat GaupNorway+
Profile pictureSara SvonniSara Svonni Design / Sara SvonniSweden+
Profile pictureJune JohannessenJune JohannessenNorway+
Profile picturePatrik LindmarkSTOOR OF LAPPLAND / Patrik LindmarkSweden+
Profile pictureIsabel Svensson PavvalIsabel Svensson PavvalSweden+
Profile pictureJohanna LabbaJohanna LabbaFinland+
Profile pictureSunniva Marthinsen BroxNordlysváibmu BroxNorway+
Profile pictureNaina Helén JåmaNaina Helén JåmaNorway+
Profile pictureJouni S. LaitiJuvvá Duodji / Jouni S. LaitiFinland+
Profile pictureMagdalena TjäderDesign by Tjäder/ Magdalena TjäderSweden+
Profile pictureMariann JosefsenJM Duodji / Mariann JosefsenNorway+
Profile pictureViviAnn LabbaViviAnn LabbaSweden+
Profile pictureRandi MarainenMarainens Silver/Randi MarainenSweden+
Profile pictureMaret Johanna HuuvaMjhuuva maret Johanna HuuvaNorway+
Profile pictureAnna-Stina SvakkoAstu Design, Anna-Stina SvakkoSweden+
Profile pictureNils Johan LabbaNils Johan Labba duodjiSweden+
Profile pictureInga Elin MARAKATTElin MarakattSweden+
Profile pictureFia KaddikFIAK FOTO & SAMISKT HANTVERKSweden+
Profile pictureKarine PedersenSámi storiesNorway+
Profile pictureNameName of Company/Name of handicrafterCountryLink to Single Entry